Our History

The Conway family moved from Woorinen to Balranald in September, 1968, where Leo continued his work as the local Dalgety agent.  Leo and Dawn then started their new venture as private commission agents for Dalgety’s in 1974, the business still known to this day as Leo Conway Agencies.   


Tony worked with his parents in the business as well as working as a wool classer in the local shearing industry.  The business grew with stock & wool sales, real estate, farm merchandise, and with the size of the building where the business is housed saw the introduction of furniture sales.   In 2004 due to Leo’s ill health, Tony and Gillian took of the over reigns of Leo Conway Agencies. 

Tony wool classing circa 2002

We are community minded with local knowledge

Today Leo Conway Agencies continues to deal in stock and wool sales, real estate and clearing sales, farm merchandise and furniture sales.  Rental property management now plays a large part of the business and 2013 saw the introduction of hi vis and work wear clothing into the store.  In 2012, the business also opened a laundrette in the vacant building next door to the office.


With Tony classed as almost local only living here for 45 years, Gillian being a third generation local and 2 teenage sons, all of whom take a keen interest and are actively involved in the local community.  With our extensive experience in the rural industry together with our local knowledge qualifies us to provide a comprehensive range of services for all customers while striving to cater to local needs.

Our Approach

We are proud local people endeavouring to help our business and the local community expand and grow.

Tony & Gillian at the office

Conway's historical building
Tony Conway

Gillian busy in the shop